Emission Off-Sets or Energy Storage?

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The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is currently dealing with the problem of disappearing electric generation in the Southern California area. Due to environmental concerns – emissions and water – many older fossil fueled plants are being retired,and it’s not possible to permit new plants. 12,000 MW of capacity is at risk and system reliability is a great concern of the CAISO (California Independent System Operator). More information can be found here…

The only answer seems to be finding some exemption for new plants with emission off-sets.

However, the California Energy Storage Alliance (CESA) has suggested considering energy storage as a partial solution to the problem. “Grid storage displaces less efficient, dirtier peaker generation by time-shifting more efficient, cleaner base-load generation to peak periods. This results in substantial system-wide air quality benefits.”

Janice Lin, co-founder and director of CESA, has prepared a white paper that details he benefits of grid connected energy storage. The CESA comments and the white paper can be found here…

The VRB-ESS(tm) would be an ideal asset to address the need for on-peak power in Southern California. Here’s hoping that the staff at the various alphabet soup energy agencies include energy storage in their studies.

Note: The Vanadium Redox Flow Battery – VRB(R) – by Prudent Energy has a long life of 10 – 20 years and is not diminished by multiple charge – discharge cycles to 100% of its SOC (state of charge). The VRB flow battery can be distributed in MW size where needed, with minimal permitting and no air quality impacts. Hours of MW storage are available, with fast response, and the vanadium redox technology is not at risk for fire, explosion or damage from over or undercharging. More information is at our website – Utility-Savings.com.

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