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Responsible for the Energy Bills at your Facility?

Then you’ve evaluated a host of energy efficiency or demand response projects, including power generation solutions – like solar panels.  Most of these programs were introduced to you by your utility representative or outside consultants.  However, although many of these programs can be effective, they usually represent the latest energy obsession, and you, as the facility manager or property owner, must sift through all the passion and enthusiasm to find the right solution for your property.

Utility program priorities for your facility
Graphic of the many trending utility energy initiatives – preferred resources, demand response, renewables, energy storage…

Did you know your utility actually makes money from energy rebates?  That’s why they’re so willing to give it ($) away for certain projects.  Rebates and incentives aren’t necessarily a bad thing, but they encourage your utility to promote their preferred energy programs and ignore other alternatives, or the unintended consequences of their programs.  In this case, one size may not fit all!

US&R works with you to implement programs that save money on your utility costs — including seeking out refunds and rebates from all available resources.  Did you know an energy efficiency or power generation project will often change your tariff options for utility billing.  Getting the wrong tariff rate can wipe out your expected benefits!  Or, you may be entitled to a negotiated utility rate that would return a greater benefit, sometimes with no capital cost, than your proposed energy project.  We look for the best case scenario for you — the most cost effective combination of project, utility bill treatment and energy procurement.  Contact us for a no cost or obligation feasibility report.